About Us

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VDH Communication create customer success through a unique formula: A Team of amazing people, galvanized by strong values, enabled with leading-edge methodology.

We have a diverse and talented team of over 14 people —creatives and producers, graphists, technologists and strategists, events managers, sales managers and client services professionals— lead by an experienced group of marketing professionals.


The adventure started in Paris in 2012. Quickly the company grow up and recruit smart and enthusiast people. A singular creative team is borned and it begin to be know.
2015, VDH go out french borders and start to work on some international projects.
2019, a subsidiary at Moscow is created and the story continues...

Web Design

Our digital leads - coder / graphist / digital strategist are focused on creative and results-driven solutions.

Brand Strategy

With a mix of international and local experience, there isn’t much that we can’t achieve.


Our Creative leads are experts at logo and identity work, content management, infographics, social media, and more


In today's digital world, it`s necessary to reach your target audience quickly or your website and products become lost.


Successful events are the result of months of work by our nimble team of experienced event pros.

Barbara CEO France


Stas CEO Russie


Olivier CEO


Jenny Market analyst manager


Julien Event manager


Manuela Digital project manager



VDH is doing exactly what we agreed to when we engaged for services to improve our social media presence! At six months we are beginning to realize results from these efforts with new client contacts that we would not have otherwise received.


"VDH Communication Team have been a fantastic partner in not only helping us define and optimise our core search objectives, but also in responding to tactical challenges and new opportunities. Their reporting makes it easy to keep everyone here up to speed, and to top it off – they're pretty good !"

-Kerozene Design

VDH Communication is a great agency who are is not only flexible, efficient and professional but a group of people who really care about delivering results for you.


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